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INDRA - cher must first decide on the general problem area. The researcher should have knowledge or experience in the area in other to ask question that research can answer. One having chosen the general subject, the research then narrows it down to a specific statement of the research problem.


Three important sources for research problem are experience, deduction from theory, and related literature.
Among the most fruitful sources for beginning researchers are their own experiences as educational practitioners.

Deduction from theory

The deduction that the researcher can make from various educational and behavioral theories with which he or she familiar provide and excellent source of problems. From a theory of researcher can generate hypotheses stating the expected findings in a particular practical situation. Theory not only provides many ideas for research problems but also ties idea into existing knowledge.

Related literature

There is several ways in which the review of previous research can help in formulating new research problems.

1. Review of previous help people formulated research question that are the next logical step from previous investigation.

2. Review of previous may stimulate a research to see whether the procedures employed can be adapted to solving other problems, or whether a similar study could be conducted in a different field or subject area or groups of subjects.

3. Review previous research may suggest the desirability of replication to confirm previous finding.

4. Reviewing research studies previously undertaken may raise the question of the applicability of their findings to other cultures.

5. Review previous research may result in detecting inconsistencies or in dissatisfaction with the conceptualization, methodology, measuring instrument and statistical analysis used.


· Ideally, the problem should be one whose solution will contribute to the body of organized knowledge in education.

· The problem must be researchable.

· The problem should be one that will lead to new problems and so to further research.

· The problem must be suitable for the particular.

· The problem should be ethically appropriate.

The problem in quantitative research

1. it clarifies exactly what is to be investigated

2. The problem asks a relationship between to or more variables stated in the form of a question or implied question.

3. The problem should be stated in such a way that research into the question is possible.


A good strategy for shaping a felt problem or a vague nation of what you want to investigate into a researchable problem is to think in term of population and variable. The population is below average readers. Reading ability is not variable in this question, because all the children being considered have been diagnosed as below average reader.

A comparison of take-home versus in class exams

This study was an determine whether the take-home test was as good a vehicle or a better a one for learning than the traditional in class tests. The result of this experiment are important because instructors are increasingly deleting the in class tests.


A qualitative problem is a statement or question that indicates the general purpose of the study. Formulation of a qualitative problem begins with the identification of a general topic or an area you want to know more about this general topic interest is sometimes referred to by qualitative research as the focus in inquiry.

Sources of qualitative problems

Qualitative can look to their personal experiences and interest, to the personal experiences and interests, to the professional’s literature, or to current social issues and real word concerns to find a potential problem. One research have selected the initial focus inquiry, they need to identify exactly what they want to know about that topic. The focus inquiry is thus narrowed to the aspect of the phenomenon that will be explored in the research study.

Criteria for a qualitative problem

The following criteria guide the selection and statement of qualitative problems:

· The problem should be stated clearly at last in a general way

· It should be a problem that has some conceptual theoretical framework. The problem should have some significance in relation to educational theory or to practice.

· Investigation of the problem should be feasible. Will the research have access to a group of people or to a site? Can he or she complete the study in a reasonable time? Are financial resources adequate?

· The problem should be one in which the researcher has a great deal of interests and experience.

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